Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Toccata to the public

Tell me,
when darkness came
where were you,

or you? Or you?

Do you want to become my witnesses?
The eyes hidden in the wall?

Do you want to become part of the secret?

Tell me
where were you,
on the days of the fires?
On the day of the holocaust?
On the day of punishment?
On the day of sentencing?
On the day of torture?

Where were you
when they knocked at the door
when they raped the moon?

When they smashed and shot
and burned and desolated?

Tell me your role
How did you help?
How did you feel?

Did you smile facing the fires?
Did you relax so close to the precipice?
Did you give vent to a careful feeling?

Or did you remain silent
how fortunate you were?

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