Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The flags of arrogance must burn
We ought to drill a hole in the heart of misery
We must reduce the head of the assassins
Poison the air that they breathe
Steal their notes from their pockets

We must blindfold them
Darkness has the form of a battle
Silence taste like machinegun fire
We must kidnap humiliation
Destroy once for all the wealthly's greed

We must throw them naked to the roadside
We must blow all the churches
Truth is that god does not longer exist
God has changed his name
Cannot face this shame

We must demolish banks and share markets
We must burn, burn anguish and desperation
We must re-establish the intimate links
Like walking holding hands by the seaside
We must be all never again just me
Because we do not exist in isolation.

We must exorcise all the evil
Must create a collective culture
Return to be the simple savages
Those yesterday were admiring
their own reflexes in the water.

We must look directly to each other's eyes
Leave the masks for the memories
Or may be a custom party
But never again to relate to each other

Nor promises lies or excuses
End to the empire of death
End all rules and regulations
Lets share the world accordingly
Without burning the final future.

Poems to kill the Pope


Attention to the business world
Merchants united will never be defeated
And never forget what Christ said
" in this supermarket my father will build his temple "

Earth is a mirage according to a pessimist
for a scientist is a mass that floats behind a star
An arqueologist thinks that the Earth is only soil
Devices for others is the dust of its shoes
and for our dead
ay, the earth is for our dead ones .


When we are born we lose the umbilical cord
and when we are young we lose our innocence
when we are adults we lose the head
and when we are old we lose our memory
At the end of our life all we lose is our bodies
the appearances
until all is left is a sad skull looking to the sky.

I warn you:
This poem comes loaded with rage,hatred and revenge
and it can fires anywhere.


I've just return from a walk in the park
of the magnolia trees
and I have in my chest
seeds of crystals


Use poem 6 but loaded with silver bullets


In the forest the birds are singing
in the city the passers-by are shouting
and at the middle of of this verse
the disappeared one calls you by your name


All revolution begins at home
for that reason it is
that now I impose a curfew

No one leaves without my permission
keep an eye that I don't hear you
talking with the neighbors
conspiring against me .

It is forbidden to mention the verb love
the verb care
the verb pain.

Everything has a dangerous overtone
I hope that i never see you looking at someone else
Only I am your only owner,
it is that clear?


Each one to their fountain
Each one to their baths
Because the horizon is the weeping wall of our dreams
Said the ultraviolet ones
The flying saucers said
The anarchists went out
The anarchist
Each one to its medicines
To each one its measure
Red and green, pure black
Red and blood after the sacrifice
We carry the altar inside
The procession is all that
We are witnesses of this time
Each one to its own truth and without guilt.


I am going to write this poem like they were pillars
By hammer, nails and chainsaw
To build coffins to bury the devil
The madafacker and the son of a bitch

I am going to look for timber to make the boxes
Not too expensive for several reasons

Because the interior is a bit ticklish
Worms eat the raw wood
In the cemetery of stones the plants are laughing

Ay, I am going to laugh away
I am going to fall backwards
I am falling away
Crouching my stomach with both hands

The wooden box has the following measures
1 metre in length
half a metre wide
45 cmts high
looking into perspective
it looks more like an apple box

the wood must be pretty cheap
brown colour
and with many holes in it
(so the warms can get out to vomit; everytime they remember it)
in the first rain it will be demolished
the mud and humidity will disintegrate it

And when the winter do end
The earth will self cleanse
The worms will twist and change to cocoons
It will clear up and the earth will smell to wet soil
The rivers will return to carrying stones
Finally the purgatory will rest
Because there will be no more souls in penance as there will no be no more sorrows
Nor anguish or pain

All the planet will be a great orgy
Where the one legged ones will dance on top of the tables
The blind singers will form an orchestra
A drunker sailor will play accordion
The prostitutes will clap in the party
The parachutist will bring out their hankies
The most animated will walk about arrogantly with shining shoes

A fat lady will invite the guest
To have chicken soup
The wine will run like the rain run before
At the end of the festivities
The starts of the show will enter
The builders of pine boxes
Will walk waiving their hands to the masses
Who will stand side by side in the road covered by flags
The party will continue all night
Until the roaster sings will turn off the lights
And the voices of children will be heard
In their way to school.


Stop the observations of the environment
We must put our hands to extinguish the fire
The terrestrial heat will not live in the air
But looks like the desert is dry

Do not smoke that cause cancer
Do not eat that causes cancer
Do not talk by phone that causes cancer
Avoid meat that causes cancer
Do not come with these things

Do not take the sun that cause cancer
Do not breathe the air that cause cancer
Do not bathe there that cause cancer
Do not fornicate that cause cancer

(It seems that the above was written by Pious 12
Or maybe the second JP )

They said that they did not even like sex
Although he also died of cancer
Not even Christ saved him either!


The refugees arrived well
With death hanging in their luggages
With their looks of surprise
In a landscape almost incomprehensible

While crossing corridors
And electronic door metal detectors
Thinking of their land left behind

Languages appear as unknown animals
Doors and windows are also foreign

After the stamps in their documents
By the dry serious official faces
The unknown initials in their passports
They are entering the unknown

So the refugees arrive
Carrying pains and nostalgia
Their views stuck in a landscape
That was left near their home

Here it is not as it once was
The homeland, the homeland
Here the grass grows quite different
There is no one that knows them

Go ahead, ladies and gentlemen
Photographs before anything
A row and a door
They should go as they salute

In this perfect landscape
In this world without pain or rage

Gone are all their families
Gone are their past memories
Nothing will ever be the same again
Comply with the cross of exile.