Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The flags of arrogance must burn
We ought to drill a hole in the heart of misery
We must reduce the head of the assassins
Poison the air that they breathe
Steal their notes from their pockets

We must blindfold them
Darkness has the form of a battle
Silence taste like machinegun fire
We must kidnap humiliation
Destroy once for all the wealthly's greed

We must throw them naked to the roadside
We must blow all the churches
Truth is that god does not longer exist
God has changed his name
Cannot face this shame

We must demolish banks and share markets
We must burn, burn anguish and desperation
We must re-establish the intimate links
Like walking holding hands by the seaside
We must be all never again just me
Because we do not exist in isolation.

We must exorcise all the evil
Must create a collective culture
Return to be the simple savages
Those yesterday were admiring
their own reflexes in the water.

We must look directly to each other's eyes
Leave the masks for the memories
Or may be a custom party
But never again to relate to each other

Nor promises lies or excuses
End to the empire of death
End all rules and regulations
Lets share the world accordingly
Without burning the final future.

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