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El Jarrazo(Subversos)

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Ska de la Tierra (BEBE)

Informate (SUBVERSO)

Ta Equivoca'o (TAHITA)

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Homage to ALLENDE in the 100th Year of his Birth

Homage to Allende

Define the word freedom the word honesty the word integrity
oh man oh man how times have changed
we want to return to the day before to hear your voice
calling the people to work harder to organise themselves and to be free
but the day before cannot return we tried but we cannot find anyone like you again
your smile the way you spoke to us the things you did
the charm of the movement of your hands.

the day before when the blood was just not called upon
the murderers were not our of their cages
the dogs were just not barking
the day before when they smiled at you
and they promised to obey you
their treacherous gestures were invisible
but they whispered
they sent each other secret messages
they loaded their guns
they oiled their cannons
they practice how to inflict pain
who to kidnapped
where to hide the dead
how to launder our land

you spoke to us through the radio through the tv
told us to sleep at peace next to our children
to be tender to care for them
because you said they were the future of mankind

but the others didnt rest
washinton didnt rest
the rich didnt rest
they foster their treason in the name of their master
who lived in the white house

please define
the word justice the word peace the word loyalty
and we will define the man you were
the stature of your sacrifice
your love to the workers and the humble ones
that is why we sing to you.

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Discurso del CHE en la ONU 1964

CARLOS PUEBLA Hasta Siempre Comandante


Alto a las observaciones del ½ ambiente
Hay que meter las manos para apagar el fuego
El calor terrenal no dejará pájaro vivo
Sino mire como está de seco el desierto

No fume que produce cáncer
No coma que produce cáncer
No hable x teléfono que produce cáncer
Evite la carne que produce cáncer
No me venga con cosas

No tome el sol que produce cáncer
No aspire el aire que produce cáncer
No se bañe ahí que produce cáncer
No fornique que produce cáncer

Parece que lo anterior lo escribió pío 12
O tal vez JP el segundo
Que según decían por allí no le gustaba el sexo
Aunque igual murió de cáncer
A ese no lo salvó ni cristo!!

SON OSCURO (Noel Nicola y Sara Gonzales-Cuba)

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Ladi6 and Shapeshifter


EZLN Our Word is our Weapon

CHE GUEVARA ( Nathalie Cardone)

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Comandante Che Guevara (video)