Thursday, February 08, 2007



The simple things at heart are complex
and the incomprehensible are simple

the devil lives hidden in the heart of all
God knows it perfectly

therefore death is not death

but a return to the corner
not always 0 is worth nothing

according to an expert friend

between a star and another one
there is an invisible thread that unites them

lost satellites do appear suddenly
but those that lost hope will never find it

humanity is nothing but a parenthesis
in the sanity of the planet

because a grey winter is not sad
if depends of the eyes that looks at it

The dead of the past

awaits for their hour of justice

Young women of 20 are too young
and if they are any older they are ancient

Science only exists in the mind of the arrogant
because the fallible thinks that God does not exist

A second of peace is worth more that ten years of war
but ten years of war is worth more than an eternity of injustice

only the dreamer create life others do not realise what happens
because they fear death

these are the prophecies of the sermon of Melipilla
listen only those who can hear

That river does not take a single direction
goes and returns everywhere

The eyes are not the windows of the soul
but simple divisions of your face

your love given with passion one day
is not like any other day

Earth is not round
That is a mirage of the astronomers

the desert has trees and rivers
that our lying eyes dont want to see

the sea of Dargaville has a petrified forest hidden in the sand
and the most important saint of this century died unknown

Those hurried fanatics of today will not reach
to see the dawn of next century

a priest of the andes communicates with its gods
through a computer
while the messages in the mountains are prayers to the clouds

This bus of passengers will eternally continue
until their passengers dies one by one

The face of our mother

is the mirror of the ancestors
the five colours of the universe are not that different
It depends of the colour of the crystals of your glasses

these are not poems only lamentations

I was not born for a prophet that is why
I prefer to remember the future .

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