Thursday, February 08, 2007


Circus MUNDI


Welcome boys and girls, ladies & gentlemen
To the unique
the greatest the strangest
circus of reality
Wherever you from wherever you are
You don't have to believe me just have to ask me
Here in my right, I introduce to you
Someone we see everyday through the TV
and who rules the world
Of the circus of course...
It's the crown prince of deceit
The master of disguise
With a memorable set of new lies
In order to entertain you
to trick you or just to illusion you
Here in my left as he's always so humble
Come on please stand up !!
the real kingpin of tragedy
the master of clowns
He's here to make you laugh
to make you sorry or to make you cry
This is the circus of reality
the happiest circus of all
And now dear public,
let's the show begin.

The prince of deceit speaks
Hello, Com se va? How are you all?
My dear little friends?
I know you're sitting at the edge of your seat
Thinking perhaps, what's does he want?
I want nothing I give nothing but in reality... I want it all
Some people say I said this or that I said that
But truly I say whatever you want
I am the greatest politician
I am the modern statesman
I am the newsreader at the 6o'clock news
I am the newspaper editor
I am the banker and the walrus
The great actress or the great comedian
When I say peace I mean war
When I say prosperity
I mean someone is going to suffer
Never take me in my word
Those come easily in my word processor
Speeches are made to tailor like a coat
Will fit any public will fit any crisis
And if you talk of anger there is no one angrier than I am
If you talk of honesty please believe me there is none as honest than me
If you say what about integrity, integrity?, that's my name
I twist I change I turn around
The word loyalty does not exist
The word promise is a broken one
The word future is a metaphor
In my bank account
Believe me please believe me
I love you all whatever you say.


The master of clowns speaks
Hello hello my little friends
Fathers and mothers I welcome you all
I know and I can understand that
Your expectations remained unfulfilled
Life's a bitch, isn't it? and we know it
Just look around, don't you see?
When I was born my mother said
What kind of a child is this?
I was already mocking her for having me
There is nothing funnier in life
Than an old clown's toothless smile
Or some crocodrile tears
From an old bag.
But my jokes are pretty bad
in comparison to these next ones
I am going to give you a recipe
to cure you of your anxieties
of your frustrations and your fears
First, make the fragment of a bomb
And read some banned books
Believe in race, country or king
And fill your heart with hate of thee
Rent a plane kidnap a school bus
Send your mercenaries too
Kill, maim and pulverize
It's the slogan of progress rise
To build first you must destroy
To deceive you must first pretend to tell the truth
What is truth if not a simple word?
That doesn't take into account pragmatic realities
The regulations of the economy
The value of the international currency
There is no question of dishonesty
When the market raises the costs of shares
The biggest joke of all is that you have elected me
to be the master of ceremony.


The prince of deceit speaks
I say I may disagree with the last point in your presentation
We didn't vote you in we didn' t need to
The machinery is oily and gears up ready
To elect select and appoint
please God illuminate us
The heavenly father guard us against mistakes failures or error
In sum all we need to know is already decided for you
You don't have to think you don't have to worry
The worldly concern is only ours
We will lose our sleep about it
We will concern about your well-being
You can sleep in peace
My legacy was born the ministry of truth and the ministry of peace
I tell you to be careful of the ministry of freedom
I am the master of illusion
I created parliamentary elections
I indulge in public discussion
To the general wellbeing of society
I don't like oppression I hate that word
I have decisions made behind closed doors
I prefer the word negotiation
sounds better isn't it?
I am the master of pretending
And I will give you a lesson
Democracy is the art of deception
Freedom the art of believing
Justice is a whore in the full extend of the word
TV screens, neon signs, smoke screens all are the sacraments of our faith
Pledges. Promises, political programmes are the mechanisms of control.

Farewell & Final Song

The sky turns grey with the sound of thunder
The sun turns red with the scent of blood
The soils trembles with the echos of broken bones
The greatest joke of all
Is to make you believe that I do it for you
The sweet music of dollar coins rolling in my bank
The bitter taste of oil running in the pipelines
Who cares about the cost or the human lives?
The most important cost is my own
The graveyard is open for those resisting me
The torture chambers scream for the tortured ones
The execution squad looks after me
And the biggest joke of all
Is that you believe it all
I am your everyday executive
I am your coca cola distributor
I am your own Mormon preacher
Your policeman, your judge your fear
I didn't come here to entertaing you
I came here to scare you to death.

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