Thursday, February 09, 2012


I’m a old man now but once I was young
I remember chasing the chickens in my mother yard
And been upset at my fathers killing my favourite one
I loved I desired I got horny
None of these things I feel anymore

As I said
I am old man ready to collapse in the ground
But once I was a young good looking example
Of the human race
I had girls I had pussies I had many sleepless nights
In & out in & out
I remember the shaking in my hands
when I was getting ready to copulate

But now
I am ready to die and all is left are vivid memories
In black and white and sometimes in mono
I’m a bit deaf as well
So speak as loudly as you can but don’t yell
I can read lips
I like lips
I fantasised with lips
I loved them fat, red, juicy

I know that the only thing left for me is to drop dead
One bit first then all after that
I know that once dead the vultures will come
To see how much can they chew
I leave nothing to anyone because I had nothing to leave
Only good & bad memories of my life
That’s it, I’ll better go now
Before its too late.

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