Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The treason of your mind
Clouds the reason of your feelings
However when I look
I see clearly your body taking the sun rays

Don’t believe in every thing you read
Sometimes the hand of the devil is involved in all of this
When the ruler of this world makes a statement
Is not a statement it’s an order
There is no place for vanity or game
Poetry is the way to go

My name doesn’t matter because I use a nickname
My pen name is inscribe in the stars
So please do not look down on me
I may end up costing you a lot higher

For example
How much do you think my time cost?
My time is absolutely valuable
I think my weight is in gold
But I say this very quietly
I will surprise them later with the bill
I drank all the wine all the same
My name doesn’t matter
It’s my time, my time

Last year I was a rebel
But this year I am conservative
I realise been a rebel is a waste of time
Nobody takes you seriously
Everyone continues their road
To the abysm
In the meantime
I will pick up the daily paper
Who doesn’t say anything truthful
But I will read it anyway
To learn how to be lied upon
Last year I was a rebel
But today I am a conservative.

Epilogue to a sad song
Children of the world don’t go to Jesus
Behind his robe
A paedophile hides

You hear chorus of angelical voices
Sing while you can
Later in the Vatican rooms
They will make you scream
They will introduce you to their lord
While they will develop whitening in their eyes
And while outside rains quite hard
Nobody will heard your screaming


Gays of the world come out
Leave the solitude of the closet behind
The judging preachers have gone away
The twisted legislators have their own party
Gays of the world unite
Behind the rainbow flag
And go marching towards the burning towers

Schizophrenic of the world unite
Leave the empty wards of the hospitals behind
Doctors and psiquiatrist have gone
To observe their own little hells

Madman of the world, run amok
There is no medication to be frightened of
And run, run towards the broken dawn

Hypocrites of the world unite
Leave your sits in parliament behind
Come out of your masquerades once for all
Look at yourselves in the mirror
Liars of the world listen to your voices
Telling everyone else what to do
While you go and do exact the opposite
Escape, run from the final fire

Alcoholics of the world unite
Believe once in yourself
Your mother was never a bottle
Just in case you were too confused

The empire dominates your weakness
With pints, cocktails and 1 litre bottles
Run, run before you fall or
Before Mickey mouse traps you again

A good poet is a dead poet
Ok I said it; so there you are!!
All the metaphors worth nothing
In the fall of the market price

In the meantime I assure you
I haven’t got a hidden knife
Up my sleeve

Never leave for tomorrow
The murder that you can commit today

Don’t let me suffer an earthquake of ideas
I need a supply of images
For my lyrical radiator to function
Don’t forget to add some oily words
From time to time
Because another ways I malfunction

A serenade of mutes
A priesthood of magical desires
A cataclysm of smiling cadavers
A silent note

The N word
The f word
The s word
What does it says???
Cant u say it?
Can u say it?
No I cant
Then be silent please x I instant
While I finish to eat this apple

Please tell me the difference between a man in a Porsche
and a homeless man?
Between Lady Sarah of Westminster
And Maria the cleaner?
Between our wealthy Prime Minister
and Bruce the unemployed painter?
Once you know the answer
You will become subversive
And they may take you away.

Armed yourselves with weapons of electricity
To lighten the dark streets of your lives
Don’t look ahead look beside you
Treason walks all around you

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