Wednesday, June 13, 2007



There is so much to take into account
so many things to consider
especially if you dream with flying penises.

You must open the windows of your mind
Play with your body
and let the long branches of yearning
find the nest of yourself.

Distance is like a hanging bridge
when behind are blue doves flying around
the house of your feelings.

I tell you, I speak to you, I talk to you in whispers
I threaten you
no one plays with me,
not even when someone says the last train
is only the first one.

I know that you have a thirsty tongue
a hungry tongue
an anxious tongue
I have find you after the ancient time,
the pale eye, the chloroform.

Do not let the roots growing in your legs frighten you.
Come, follow me, and climb over me without anybody's help.
Let me be your protection from celestial attacks.

crucify yourself over me
give me the mark of these years
make the horizon a river that touches your body.

Let me sail through you
let me travel through the rivers produced by you,
the Amazons that is born in your ancestral uterus,
our common mother.

Let me be the crazy vessel
that falls into smiling cascades

let me mark this instant.

Do not forget

do nnot forget me

dont let forgetfulness take hold of you

because it will betray you later.

Passion is an arrow shot

at the base of one's brain

an arrow thrown by a naked godness

full of orgasms

Let me add a final warning

dont pretend not to recognise me

the next time I see you

I will speak to you without a voice

I will tell you all without words

I will open you like a mad surgeon

and you, a ripe fruit

and I will eat you

enjoying all the fresh juices of you.

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