Wednesday, June 13, 2007



They are all speaking, announcing, proclaiming, scaring,
predicting, chasing, seeking, worrying,
yearning, sounding, commercialising, selling,
exchanging, charging, buying, exploiting, working,
ordering, believing, following, doing, planting,
harvesting, looking, feeling, touching, smelling,
foreboding, imagining, exaggerating, promising,
idealizing, fearing ,loving, hating, guessing, supposing and hoping.

And when the bomb falls, it will
smash, shatter, annihilate, destroy, overwhelm, atomise,
disintegrate, grind, pulverise, fragment, shrink, diminish,
minimise, flatten, burn, carbonise, smoulder, kill, eliminate,
assassinate, end, forbid.

That's why I prefer to
fight it, struggle against it,
and attack it to death.

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