Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A brief poem to disturb the peace of the sleepy valley of Ruatoki

( to disturb the peace of the sleepy valley of Ruatoki)


My friend what can I say
I have a bone stuck in my throat
The ancestral calendar promised this things will pass a thousand moons ago
The flight of the tui breaks the silence in the valley
The crickets’ sing the song of the evening falling
Under the ancestral gaze of the elders that care for our dreams
They came with their machinery of drums and signs
To silence our village that fateful October 15th
Never forget that date


What does this means?

Che Guevara died October 7th but in Bolivia
The twin towers were attacked on September 11th in NY
The Invasion of Ruatoki happened in October 15th
At The Ureweras
Bin Laden does not rime with Tame’s name
Do you get that Mrs Clark?

Ninjas, ninjas
Puppets dressed in black
Soldiers of the powerful judge of the share market
They came without permission into sacred land
Their children will be marked by this heresy
They violated Tuhoe’s land once again
And now they want us to forget this offence?
You’re wrong again!!


Supreme head of the sis
Fuck u !!

Two hunters from Auckland
Trampled over a training camp
Yeah Right!!


Stuff your mikes up Ur ass
Introduce your satellites in your mamas orifice
And see
who is coming now!!


Application for a Passport of the Independent Nation of Tuhoe

Required: Full whakapapa
Family lineage
Aspirations before positions
Site of the stolen land
Reminder in Place
And No photographs permitted


National Flag
Each family will design a family flag
The flag will identify the hapu
The sacred mountain and the river
The flag will fly at the family marae
At the time of the Independence celebrations.


The Council of Kaumatua
Will sign the Order
For which the Independent Nation of Tuhoe
Nominates his First Head of Government;
Guess his name!!


Oh Te Kooti
Oh Rua Kenana
The same is happening again !!


First there was destitution
Then they lied and lied and lied
Then they tried to forget
And later they denied it
the dream was born
and then the action took place
(the dream is the seed and the action the water that feeds it)
And so,the dream becomes a reality
And the reality is liberation.


The mokopuna said…
-the ninjas stormed the school bus
And pointed guns at us-
The old kuia said
-the ninjas closed the road
And photograph me and my grandson
in front of our car-
The wahine said
-during the raids
The cops insulted us and push us around-
But the fat guy in his ivory tower
Denied it all
-Its all part of the conspiracy
The terrorist have arrived!!-he screamed
Showering with saliva all over his shining desk

-Wait until you have all the facts,
Said channel 1
Will you believe any of them now??
This is Aotearoa today
This is the gospel of truth
Please lord remember those who lied
When they come in front of you
On judgement day!!


TSA TSA how many errors will be committed in your name?
What is TSA stands for?
Traditional Supreme authority?
Tames’ Salvation Army?
A Local boyscout group?
Or its the liberation army?
When you decide please mark your preference
But do not signed
They may suspect of you too.

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