Monday, September 03, 2007


Here from the comfortableness of my life
Where all and nothing have a self-centered sense
Marginalization of the risks and the fears
I sing this sad and broken song
A song for the rivers of blood
A song for the unknown dead
A song for the missing bodies
A song for your tears

My tears and those I did not cry
The silence
What a loud silence amidst the rubble
What a smell is coming from the fires
Blood on the pavement
Papers floating in the street
And from the charred remains of life
An epitaph for September has come

Will you remember today?
Many years from now
Will you still cry or will the river of your tears be dried

When you breathe in the fresh air of September
And feel the soft cold breeze of spring
Will the flowers remind you of the broken parts?
The hunting of the almighty echoes of Jericho
The crucifixion of the thousand ones

Yes I remember today and I sing this sad broken song
For the dead of 11th September

1 comment:

kenita said...

Dos 11 de septiembre...
imposible olvidar el termino de la democracia en Chile, imposible de olvidar las muertes, los desaparecidos....
Hoy 4 de septiembre asumio Salvador Allende como presidente de Chile. Plago al pais de esperanzas, de sueƱos e ilusiones de una sociedad mejor, mas justa..
Hoy lo recuerdo y le digo: siempre presente!!!